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The Party Pro Toolkit supports the positive impacts of party culture by sharing stories and ideas to empower participants and producers of nightlife, festivals and Burner culture.

This project began as an MFA applied project to interview professionals of community-led party culture in 2018 and 2019. Podcast interviews were conducted with party professionals in New York, Detroit and Phoenix, discussing not only the what and why of their work, but also how they do it. These interviews represent a snapshot in time, during the peak of global party and festival culture, shortly before the world was rocked by COVID-19 and sharing physical space became the highest risk to public health. 

The pandemic has impacted and shuttered music and nightlife venues around the world. It’s hard to say what the future looks like for our party scenes, but we can start preparing now. This is an opportunity to  reflect on the past and imagine the possibilities for the future. The Party Pro Toolkit is seeking contributions from party professionals around the world to share what they’ve learned so that when the time comes, we can rebuild our party scenes together, safely, with intention and purpose.

More than ever, we need to fight for our right to party. Together. 

Malena Lou’s performative presentation introducing the Party Pro Toolkit with the DBR Lab at National Sawdust, New York

DVINA event in Phoenix
photo: Speyer Photography

Marche du Nain Rouge, Detroit
photo: Malena Lou

Renegade sunrise party, Detroit
photo: Malena Lou

Glitterati at House of Yes, New York
photo: Malena Lou

New York Dance Parade
photo: Facebook page

Walter Where?House, “Bloom”
photo: Chris Patrick

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Every city has a unique history, identity and scene – Every party professional has a story to tell and lessons to share.

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