Snood City Neon

Every artist has their own path and journey that led them to where they are today. As you listen to these stories, keep in mind that we are sharing individual perspectives. What is right for some is not right for everyone. However, there is much we can learn from listening to others and hearing about their journey. For some artists its the right thing to go to art school to take the traditional route, for other artists, they like to make their own way. 

Mikey B. (Michael Butzine) and Meesh (Michelle Meyer) have been developing as up and coming artists in the scene of Phoenix,  Arizona. The creative couple has been hosting events, creating mixed-media art with Neon sculptures and most recently opened their own store and shop in the historic Grand Avenue arts district called Snood City Neon. They’ve found a niche working with local promoters, Relentless Beats to create art installations and environments for their large-scale EDM festivals hosted throughout the year. Over the years, I have had mixed feelings about commercialized, large-scale raves and electronic festivals. At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge that these events provide the first experience for many young people coming into the scene. 

Mikey B and Meesh of Snood City in Phoenix share their personal stories about finding inspiration through art school and carrying what they learned into their professional endeavors. We met at their new store and shop at the historic Grand Avenue arts district on February 28, 2019 to discuss their journey and what they learned along the way. 

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Produced as a graduate applied project by Malena Grosz, MFA, Arizona State University 

Intro music: “Moonlight Bounce” by Daniel T (with permission for use)

Podcasts edited by Corbin Garcia

Special thanks to Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University for grant-funded support of this project. Immense gratitude to my applied project committee for their guidance: Dr. Daniel Bernard Roumain, Dr. Rachel Bowditch, and Dr. Steven Tepper